Brenda Turnour: Watercolours

Whether working with a limited palette, such as burnt sienna, raw sienna and ultramarine, or a palette encompassing all the colours of the spectrum, to paint a tree trunk, I love the myriad of expression possible with watercolours.  Many different interpretations can evolve from one simple subject.

I love the flow, the transparency, the luminosity and the whites of watercolour and will always return to watercolour even though I enjoy experimentation with other mediums.

The Player
The Player (Sold)

Old Quebec 1 $250 Unframed
Old Quebec 2 $250 Unframed
Old Quebec 3 $250 Unframed

Autumn on the Edge
Autumn On The Edge (Fall Folly) (SOLD)
24x19" Watercolour. 1st Honourable Mention, Art Gallery of Hamilton COAA Juried Show, June/17

Winter Twilight
Winter Twilight
24x18" Watercolour

Fly By Night
Fly By Night (SOLD)
9x12" Unframed Watercolour

Silvery Moonlit Night
Silvery Moonlit Night
15x13" framed Watercolour

Walking In A Winter Wonderland
Walking In A Winter Wonderland (SOLD)
9x12" Unframed Watercolour

Come On Through
Come On Through
9x12" Unframed Watercolour

Muskoka Chairs (SOLD)

Wonderland Revisited (SOLD)
37x30" Watercolour

At Day's End
26x20" Watercolour

Les Pins d'Hiver (SOLD)
30x22" Watercolour

Approaching the Winter Solstice (SOLD)

Tree Worship (SOLD) (Image 2 of a triptych)
17x20" Framed watercolour

Muskoka Iced
20x26"   Framed watercolour

Muskoka Iced Over
22x30"   Framed watercolour

Out The West River Road (SOLD)
Half sheet   Framed watercolour  (SOLD)

 Deep In The Heart of the Woods
Deep In The Heart of the Woods (SOLD)
20x13"  Framed watercolour  (SOLD)

In The Garden
In The Garden
30x23"  Framed watercolour  (SOLD)

14x22"  Framed watercolour  (SOLD)

Island In The Sun
30x23"   Framed watercolour

Island In The Sun 2
Island In The Sun #2: Go Fly A Kite
30x23"  Framed watercolour

Little Cabin In The Woods
Little Cabin in the Woods
30x23"  Framed watercolour

Untamed Waters
Untamed Waters
Quarter sheet   Framed watercolour  (SOLD)

Winter Retreat
18x14" Framed Watercolour  (SOLD)

Muskoka Reflections
Muskoka Reflections
22x32"  Framed watercolour

Opposing Views
Opposing Views (SOLD)
37x30"  Framed watercolour

Frescia Fantasy
Frescia Fantasy  
14x21"   Framed watercolours      

At The Distillery District
At The Distillery District
13x17"   Framed watercolour

Underneath The Lamplight
Underneath the Lamplight (SOLD)

From The Land of the Silver Birch
From the Land of the Silver Birch (SOLD)
23x30"   (SOLD)

Stille Nacht (SOLD)
22x14"   Framed watercolour

Moonlit (SOLD)
14x22"   Framed watercolour

November Solitude
21x14"   Framed Watercolour

The Horse Trainer's Cabin
The Horse Trainer's Cabin (SOLD)
Quarter Sheet    Watercolour on yupo paper

Winter Solstice (SOLD)
17x13"   Framed Watercolour

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